How much do Uber Drivers make in Orlando?

How much do Uber Drivers make in New Jersey

When it comes to paying many drivers are in favor of Uber and few don’t. So to reach a much better conclusion we conducted a survey recently in Orlando. Our method of research was face to face interviews conducted at different places in Orlando. We interviewed 25 drivers and 25 passengers. The interview was based on the questionnaire that was designed to conclude the result on “How much do Uber drivers make in Orlando?

Disclaimer: The information is being provided in the article is entirely based on research. Results may be applied to a few changes. You can directly contact Uber if you need more help. The Research is also available in Uber Data Center.

“On Average Uber driver makes $21 per hour in Orlando, which is more than other countries of the United States of America”

What is the Key to earning well with Uber:

From the survey, we concluded that there are few key things to remember if you really want to make $20 with Uber in Orlando.

  • Behave well with your customers
  • Don’t let them feel down
  • Don’t over speak
  • Stay within guidelines and don’t ask too many questions
  • Don’t try to be extra frank with customers
  • Always be on time and drive carefully
  • Ask for tip and feedback on departure

These results are based on our survey and may vary on all scale. This is a more detailed process to gather data from every driver also is even tougher. You can also read this article at Uber Data center.

How much do uber Drivers make in Orlando

What drivers say about “How much do Uber Drivers make in Orlando:

In our survey drivers were unhappy about a few things. Uber doesn’t have any tip system for drivers. Yes, Uber personally provides a bonus to drivers but there is no built-in tip system in the mobile application.

“Yes, there should be a tip system for drivers from customers if customers are happy about the service. But Uber doesn’t have it yet.” (Benn Duckett)

Moreover few drivers raised their concerns about fuel and internet charges they pay from their own pocket. They suggested that Uber should look towards a more better approach for drivers by introducing a new free petrol scheme as a bonus. One of the drivers told that:

“You can earn a good amount by giving 12 hours of your daily routine, but on average you have to pay a lot for fuel and car service. But trust me luck matters a lot but more time you spend more you earn here in Orlando.” (Steve Gavaka)

What Customers say about Uber Service in Orlando:

In our survey, 16 customers were happy with the survey and they have been rating 5 stars for most of the rides. The remaining passengers were complaining about mobile applications and poor service which was very strange. Uber has been the best choice for people when it comes to using a taxi in Orlando.

“Often, after placing my ride driver cancels ride which is very annoying” (Marcus Haris)

Similar complains were received about other passengers. One of them complained about the first aid in the taxi. Other’s were satisfied with the service. Overall customers were happy with their experience with Uber.

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The survey “How much do Uber drivers make in Orlando” concluded that Uber drivers are making $21 per hour in Orlando. But to that, you have to maintain an excellent rating as a driver that is very helpful in engaging more customers. Let us know about your experiences in the comments.

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